05 September 2008

Alive in San Jose

I have safely arrived in Costa Rica. We just finished breakfast at our hostel run by two brothers wearing Bob Marley shirts. We´re about to leave for the small beach town we´ll be staying at for the next week. That means a four hour drive, after an entire day of travel yesterday (at least this one will be scenic). All three of my flights had some complication: CT to Charlotte was missing a passenger, Charlotte to Houston had electrical problems, and Houston to Costa Rica encountered fog making us land in Panama to refuel and turn around. But I got here. I met everyone in Houston and it seems like a great group, ten girls and six boys from all over the country with completely different backgrounds. Strangers now but not for long.
With a delicious Costa Rican breakfast in my belly, it´s time to go.


Anonymous said...

So glad you have begun the big adventure! We'll be cheering from the sidelines. Love, Auntie Jane and Uncle Jimchsah

Anonymous said...

Dear Renee, so glad we can share your new experience, whish you all the best and take care ! Jeannine (Athens/Belgium)

Meg said...

I'm glad you are alive and I am also glad that you were not hit by hurricanes, mass adoring fans, or tropical spiders.

Margherita said...

Sono contenta che sei sana e salva, ma quando hai tempo controlla la posta eletronica, che ti ho mandato un' e-mail in risposta alla lettera.
E ti ringrazio per le magliette e le belle parole. Mi manchi tanto. Divertiti in questa esperienza!